Truth & Testimony

Feb 5, 2023    Ben Turcotte

Dear Saints at Mosaic Church,

Did you catch that? "Dear Saints." My fellow believers, as you go into this weekend and prepare for our meeting on Sunday, please remember that you are dearly loved by God. Remember that God loves you with an everlasting love. Remember that God has pulled you out of darkness into His glorious light! And please remember to rest. We often get so busy on the weekends and rush into our collective meeting on Sunday. Please remember to rest.

I feel like I am on an episode of a cooking TV show presenting my dish before the judges:

"I have prepared for you a battered and fried chicken piece and a tomato puree as a dipping sauce."

"Sir, that is a chicken nugget and ketchup."

I have prepared an outline of my testimony. The story of how God has brought me into this present moment. I readily admit I have not always walked in faith as I should – but God has been faithful to bring me into a deeper understanding of His truths. Like a molting reptile, I have shed lies, never to take them up again, and instead I have put on truths. I plan to share with you the story of some of the hardships I have experienced coupled with stories of God’s incredible faithfulness and the truths He has shown me.

See you Sunday,

Ben Turcotte